//10 Things to do in Santorini – Part 2

10 Things to do in Santorini – Part 2

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Sail Around Santorini

If you want to experience the beauty of Santorini in a unique way then sailing around the Island, could be the option for you. Discover the majestic views of the Caldera, the hidden beaches on the Island and prepare to be amazed by some of most dramatic rock formations in the Aegean sea. Sense the freedom and connect to the nature like you never done before.

Cruise around the Island in luxury catamarans, traditional fishing boats or sale the seas with traditional Greek Fishermen. Experience the swimming, snorkelling and hot water springs of the caldera, and feel the time slow right down when sunbathing on your deck whilst cruising around the Island.

The cruise packages usually last for around 5 hours, and are well equipped. They usually include: Transportation from and to your hotel, lunch or dinner with fresh sea food, barbecue, Drinks & beverages, Snorkelling gear and towels.


Hike from Fira to Oia

Prepare to be amazed by one the most spectacular trails in the Aegean. The Total Distance is 9km and you will need aprox. 3 hours, just make sure along the way you take your time to take in some of the most breath taking views of the Greek Islands and Aegean Sea.

We suggest you take this walk either in the springtime or autumn to avoid high temperatures and possible crowds of high season.

If you are driving to Fira, leave you Santorini Car Rental in the entrance of the village. Then walk up to the Cable Car, by the Caldera, were the trail begins. You then need to follow the signs to Petros Nomikos Conference Center, and carry on through the beautiful village of Firostefani and the village of Imerovigli. On your way to Oia, you will find some of the most picturesque monasteries and small churches on the Island with some breathtaking, panoramic views, of the Caldera.

Finally you will ascend the black mountain and enter the Village of Oia were you can enjoy some blazing sunsets if you arrive late in the evening. At Santorini Dream Cars, we can also deliver your Car Rental in Oia, or arrange a transfer to any village/ Hotel in Santorini. Just contact us to arrange your Santorini Transport.

For more info on the hike follow the link to the original article.

Faba the most traditional dish of Santorini

Apart from the majestic volcanic views of the Caldera, Santorini boasts an excellent local cuisine with many local flavours, special to this magical Island. One of these enticing flavours is that of the Fava Beans (yellow split beans), one of the most special and traditional veggie foods of Santorini.

This variety of Fava is cultivated exclusively in Santorini and the nearby Island of Anafi, and the volcanic soil is probably the reason why this product is only cultivated in the region of the Aegean.

Fava can be found in Santorini since the time began and its word originated from the word “Favus” which is the Latin word for the broad bean. So the original version was made with the broad bean but then with time this was replaced with the yellow split beans.

Fava has a creamy and super tasty flavour with a texture very similar to humus. It can be served in many different ways but mainly is served as a side dish and should really be hot. And with out a doubt if it is freshly made then it is the best time to eat this healthy veggie dish. The main ingredients are Fava beans, Onions, Olive Oil, lemon and Salt.

If you are an adventurous eater who loves savouring the wonders of world cuisine, then this veggie traditional Santorini dish is a must for your bucket list.

Santorini Wine

Wine tasting Santorini

Wine production on the island dates back to the ancient times with many famous wines on the Island. The terrain of this Cycladic Island is home to some amazing indigenous wine varieties. The the perfect soil conditions created by the island’s unique ecosystem, and the volcanic soil,  help produce some of the most distinctive wines in Greece. From the white wines there is the “Assyrtiko” variety and from the red wines the “Mavrotragano” variety, considered some of the most famous wines all over the world.

The white wine variety of “Assyrtiko” is a dry, full-body wine with citrus aromas, combined with hints of smoke and minerals from the volcanic soil.

The red wine variety of “Mavrotragano” produces wines of deep red color, character and with great potential for ageing. They are of high-ranking in alcohol, moderate acidity and moderate red fruit aromas.

Another famous dessert wine from Santorini is the ‘Vinsanto‘, a derivative from blending the Assyrtiko and Athiri varieties. Producing a naturally sweet wine that is barrel-aged for a minimum of 2 to 3 years in oak barrels.

You can either visit the Santorini wineries by yourself or book an organised wine tour, either way it is definitely worth your time for a unique Island experiences.


Red Beach Santorini

Visit the Red beach

The Red beach in Santorini is one of the most famous and scenic beaches on the island. The beach is situated in Akrotiri village, 12 kilometres south west of Fira and close to the archaeological site of Akrotiri. If you rent a car in Santorini, there is parking near the beach for you to leave your car, or you may also take the bus from Fira, or sail to the beach. The small hike form the car park to the beach offers picturesque views of red cliffs and volcanic scenery.

The Red Beach is semi organised and a unique sight where red is the dominant color. The red sand and steep red cliffs are stunning, creating a captivating scenery, product of the volcanic territory on the Island. Fortunately there are are no water sports on this small beach so you can take pleasure in snorkelling to discover some interesting rock formations and rich marine volcanic life.

If you de decide to go, make sure to bring some water form car park, as there is no place to buy drinks on the beach.

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