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10 Things to do in Santorini

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At Santorini Dream Cars we have handpicked some of the best things to do in Santorini on the list below.

Watch the Sunset from Oia & Fira

Fira is the main town on Santorini, and also the main cruise port located on the Island.  Fira is the largest town on the island with most restaurants, shops, hotels and lively nightlife. The views of the Caldera from the town of Fira are breath-taking, with numerous sports, terraces, cafes and bars overlooking the Aegean with the most amazing views of the sunset.

The village of Oia is located on the northern part of the  Island. It is the place to go if you’re looking to take photos of the traditional blue-domed churches, white houses and narrow streets in Santorini. However, Oia gets quite crowded in high season, especially the hours leading up to the sunset time. A time were you most likely will have to jockey for position in order to get one of the primer spots on the village streets and cafes. Just like Fira the views are magnificent and one of a kind. 

We suggest visiting Oia either in Autumn or Spring time to enjoy the full experience without the crowds. Both places can me reached by bus or by car if you decide to rent a car in Santorini.  

santorini sunset

Rent a car  & Explore the Entire Island

We highly recommend you rent a car in Santorini to maximize your flexibility and mobility. It definitely makes getting around the island much easier – especially if you’re not staying in Fira and you are looking to discover the Island and all its hidden gems.  The main town Fira is the hub of the Island bus system and there are direct routes to every corner of the island.  However if you do not live in Fira then it is most likely you will have to take several buses to get to your destination. This can be very time consuming and a bit frustrating in high season due to max demand of public transport.   Which is why renting a car makes mores sense, especially  if  you want to discover the whole Island or if you are a group of friends or family, which can make your stay even more economical.

At Santorini Dream Cars we can deliver your Car Rental anywhere on the Island at no Extra cost. Including Santorini Airport and Santorini Port or your Hotel.

Akrotiri archaeological site

When visiting Santorini do not forget to visit the Archaeological site of Akrotiri , one of the most important prehistoric settlements of the Aegean. Akrotiri is a Minoan Bronze Age settlement on the volcanic island however some findings also show affinities to an early Cretan civilization. The first inhabitants date as far back from the Late Neolithic times (at least the 4th millennium BC).

The settlement was destroyed in the Theran eruption sometime in the 16th century BC and buried in volcanic ash, however archaeologists have uncovered houses, artefacts and wall paintings of that era, as the ash preserved the remains of many objects and artworks.

The excavation area is very well organized with some impressive architecture and structures of that era.  Visitors are able to walk through the buildings, and the site with a system of modern corridors and pathways.

If you are intrigued by culture with a passion for Greek history then this is the site for you

akrotiri archaeological site

Hike to the top of Santorini Volcano

The tours depart daily from the old port of Fira, between 10 – 11 in the morning. The boat trip is very pleasant and takes aprox 10 minutes until you arrive at the harbor of the small volcano bay of Nea Kameni,

From there you follow the path to the top of the small volcanic Island where active craters are. The walk is aprox. 30 mins and whilst at the top you may enjoy some stunning views of Santorini Island and the destructive landscape caused by the volcano eruption. You will need some walking shoes as the surface is mainly small rocks and also plenty of water as it gets quite warm here. Make sure you also protect yourself from the sun.

Next will be going to the neighboring  island of Palea Kameni at the Hot Springs, were you can swim in the sulphur pools – This is ocean water but warmed by the sulphur emissions. This is an incredible experience, not to mention the therapeutic and a health benefits  due of the rich sulphur water.

The boats usually go back to Thira around 2 o clock.

Akrotiri lighthouse Santorini

Visit Akrotiri Lighthouse

The Akrotiri lighthouse overlooks the Aegean Sea and is situated in a serene place, at the southwest part of the Island. The lighthouse was built in 1892 by a  French merchant company. Getting there: if you rent a car in Santorini you can drive to the small village of Akrotiri and then follow the road for aprox. 10 mins to reach the Lighthouse.

It is recommended that you visit the Lighthouse during sunset hours when the warm light of the sun becomes one with the Aegean sea. The lighthouse offers amazing views of the ocean, nearby villages, and ancient Minoan ruins.

Unfortunately access to the lighthouse is not permitted to the public but it is an excellent spot for some scenic photography, hiking and recently popular for mountain biking trails.  Whilst there, you can also check out the Minoan ruins nearby.

The Akrotiri Lighthouse is a must-see destination on Santorini Island for anyone who loves romantic ocean sunsets and prefers some time out from the busy summer evenings of other more popular island destinations.

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