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5 Reasons to visit Santorini in Autumn

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Autumn in Santorini

Summer time and particularly from July and August is the most popular time to visit Santorini, however some may say it is also the most inopportune time to visit the Island if you are not particularly fond of crowded places. In high season the Island is really popular with tourists and the big Cruise boats therefor the main towns such as Thira and Oia can get very crowded.

Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy Santorini without the crowds, and that is to visit the island out of season and in autumn. Santorini is now officially an all year-around destination, with the months of October and November providing the perfect time for seeing the island’s main attractions, and experiencing the magnificent sunsets over the caldera without the crowds, and busy roads. Some of the advantages of visiting the Island in autumn are:

Mild temperatures

If you do not like the high temperatures, then visiting in Santorini in autumn is the right time for you. Avoid the somer scorching temperatures of July and August, in autumn the average temperatures can range between 15 Cº and 26 Cº making it very pleasant for exploring the island, especially with activities such as sailing, hiking and driving with your Santorini car rental.  The temperature of the sea is also very mild at this time of the year making swimming and watersports very enjoyable, in fact for the local people this is the best time of the year to go swimming.

Better prices

Most businesses are still open at this time of the year, however the prices now are inferior in comparison with high season prices so you will find some excellent deals for hotels on the Island. Restaurants and bars also provide better service & food at lower prices so they can attract visitors at this less busy time of the year. It also goes without saying that our car rental prices are now at low season making your holiday on the Island an all around better deal.

Wine Tasting

Autumn in Santorini also provides you with the opportunity to try something different on the Island.  Grapes in Greece are harvested in September so the months of October / September are the best time to visit some of Santorinis state-of-the-art and traditional wineries. It is the best time of the year to treat your self to some of the best wine tasting experiences in the Aegean. Talk to us about organizing a custom tour to some of the best wine tasting tours on the Island.

santorini in autumn

Meet the local culture

When most tourists return home, it is one of the better times to discover the true spirit of any island culture by meeting the locals.  This is the best time to savor the genuine hospitality of the locals who now seem more content that their lives return to “normal”  and thus have more time to share with you their hospitality  and culture.  If this is the kind of experience you appreciate then take your time to explore the surrounding villages on the island by meeting and talking to the locals in the different cafes, restaurants & bars. Use your car rental in Santorini do explore the island and discover the true essence of its people.

Better Driving in Santorini

We highly recommend getting a car rental during low season to maximize your flexibility and mobility, It definitely makes getting around the island much easier – especially if you’re not staying in Fira.  Fira is the hub of the bus system on the Island  and there are direct rutes to every corner of the island.  However if you do not live in the main town then most probably you will have to take a few buses to get to your destination.  Which is why getting a car rental in Santorini makes more sense especially for small groups friends and families.

Driving in Santorini in autumn is a much better experience as the  Roads now are less busy with hardly any traffic and you can get to any spot of the island without the hassle of the small busy Island roads.  Talk to us about your car rental  in Santorini  and we can arrange a free pick up & drop of at any point on the island,  Santorini airport, Santorini Port and your hotel.

We wish you a pleasant stay and safe driving on the Island.