Ancient Thira: a great ancient civilization

Ancient Thira: a great ancient civilization

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When you rent your car in Santorini one of the excursions we suggest at Santorini Dream Cars is the cultural visit to the Ancient town of Thira.

A pleasant drive from all spots on the island, Ancient Thera is located on the top of Mesa Vouno hill, which is 365 meters high and separates the coastal villages of Perissa and Kamari. with spectacular views from the old town. Lacedaemonian colonists arrived in the 8th century BC along with king Theras, from who the island was named and to built their town in this strategic position on the Island.

The excavations in Mesa Vouno Mountain, started by a German baron in 1896 and continued in 1961 by Greek archaeologists. Public buildings were made of limestone, whereas private buildings of small unsymmetrical stones. Thera was the religious and commercial center of island, where Christian churches, theatre, markets and baths were discovered. Nowadays, visitors can experience the gone glory of this ancient civilization and town by exploring Ancient Thera.

The drive from Kamari, provides magnificent views of the southern Aegean sea. In addition at the archaeological site on the top of Mesa Vouno Mountain, the site offers a great collection of statues, pots, vases, clay figurines.

We suggest your visit during the summer days takes place first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid high temperatures and sun.

After exploring ancient Thera a visit with your car rental to Kamari beach for a swim would be the perfect ending to the intriguing and exciting visit at this ancient civilization.

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