Santorini beaches, Vilchada, Monolithos, Perrisa

Santorini beaches, Vilchada, Monolithos, Perrisa

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Vlichada beach Santorini

Vlihada is perfect for those looking a calm and quite beach, as usually it is not as crowded as the other beaches around Santorini. The landscape is fantastic as the yellowish volcanic cliffs make an antithesis with the dark sand and the blue sea. Vlihada is famous for its picturesque small port too. Here you can see ducks swimming around in the sea, while old fishermen mending their nets.

Vilchada beach santorini


Located near to the airport area, Monolithos is one of the most family friendly beaches in Santorini. It’s covered with black pebbles, quiet and well organized, while its shallow clear waters make it ideal for kids. There is also a playground and a beach volley court. You can rent an umbrella and sunbeds, or you can protect yourself under the shade of the trees, which are by the beach. However, Monolithos, is not recommended on windy days.


An endless black sand, organized beach, which many of our customers have found as the best beach in Santorini. Many people prefer Perissa for its crystal water, the smooth sand and mainly because it’s the best protected beach from the summer Aegean winds. The tourist resort of Perissa offers a wide range of choices. You can find hotels, rooms to let, tavernas, restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs. Also, where Perissa ends, Perivolos a beach you should visit, if you want a day club experience, starts..