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Santorini car rental from Santorini cable car

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Santorini Dream Cars welcomes you to Santorini!

Dream Cars Rental has designed for you a brand-new service package named car rental and cable car, specially designed for the cruise ships. Right after your arrival in Santorini, with your cruise ship, in the entrance of the cable car there will be a whole fleet of cars waiting for you. Our service consists of the most efficient and practical solution for your Car Rental in the beautiful island of Santorini.

The spot of debarkation located at the old port of Santorini, which is 900 feet lower than Fira, the country town of Santorini. As you enter the old port you will find straight ahead the entrance of the cable car which will directly transfer you at the center of Fira. In the end of the cable car ride, our colleague of Santorini Dream Cars will be waiting for you, in order to guide you to the main road of Fira in a distance of 5’, from where you will be able to pick up your Santorini car rental. In the meeting point, we will implement a short procedure concerning the contract of your car rental and you will receive a descriptive map of Santorini. It is important to mention that if you wish to drive to Oia you will need 15-20 minutes due to the recently restructured road according to European standards. In the area of Oia there are available certain public parking spots, however you have also the option of private parking spots for your convenience.

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Our Santorini Cars for  Rent

Santorini Dream Cars can offer to you a wide variety of vehicles such as.  class A, B, luxury and minivan cars of 8 seats, in order to serve customers’ needs in the best possible way.

Class A car rental (ex.Fiat Panda, Hyundai i10) are ideal for the transportation of 4 people.

Class B car rental in Santorini (ex. Hyundai i20, Toyota Yaris) may transfer up to 5 people.

Luxury class cars are perfect for the ones that seek those special features and can transfer up to 4 people. Finally, our minivan car rental  (ex. Nissan Evalia) are ideal for the transportation up to 8 people.

As soon as your journey comes to an end, the meeting point for the return of the car will take place at the same point as you received it, at the main road of Fira close to the cable car.

You may follow the link for more information on all our Santorini Car Rental

You may also contact us for any enquiries, we will be more than happy to assist  you in any possible way.

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