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Santorini Dream Cars and Coronavirus safety measures

2020-06-04T19:06:42+02:00June 4th, 2020|Car Rental Santorini, Santorini|

Rent a car in Santorini summer 2020

The phenomenon of coronavirus was the main subject of global concern during previous months, generating the need for communities to take important, immediate decisions in order to ensure population’s safety and health.

Greece consists one of the countries that performed and faced Covid-19 with surprising efficiency and effectiveness, achieving to minimize the number of victims within a short period of time. The island of Santorini, as numerous other Greek areas, preserving the safety of their citizens, successfully achieved to be completely protected and noted ZERO cases of coronavirus.

Santorini Dream Cars actively embraces and supports the attempts and measures adopted by the local community of Santorini focusing on preserving the safety and health of both citizens and tourists. As a company based on personal and customer responsibility, our Santorini car rental team  is continuously implementing numerous actions in order to offer to you high quality of car rental services, asuring a safe experience in the beautiful island of Santorini.

More analytically, all vehicles available by Santorini Dream Cars have been imposed to highly specialized disinfection through advanced methods. During summer season disinfections and cleaning procedures will be applied right before and after each vehicle’s rental. Furthermore, antiseptics and disposable gloves will be allocated in all cars in order to ensure your safe transportation, navigation and holidays around the amazing places of Santorini. Moreover, after your arrival in the airport or port of Santorini the procedure of your car’s hire and contract will be implemented respecting the proposed personal distances and all safety and hygiene rules.

We can also assure you that our team at Dream Cars fulfil all health and safety related standards to ensure your own protection and convenience. And even though Santorin is a free Covid-19 zone, maintaining this status all year round is a challenge for all.  However with responsibility, conscientiousness and care, the well being of our  customers and personnel will be guaranteed assuring a safe summer for 2020. 

Please get in touch with our team for any enquiries you may have on your Santorini car rental or any other doubt you may have.