The best way to discover Santorini’s beauties

The best way to discover Santorini’s beauties

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The most stunning sunset views in the world

Renting a car  is the best way to discover Santorini’s beauties. You can admire one of the most stunning sunset views in the world, enjoy unique beaches, visit picturesque villages and local wineries. Take advantage of our suggestions on where to go by  exploring Santorini in a car of your choice. It is the best way to enjoy a stunning holiday destination that blends unique landscapes, culture, history, outstanding food and top quality local products.

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The beaches on our island are simply unique. You can choose among black or white sand, red or white pebbles, green, blue or black waters and spoil yourself with a truly fantastic experience.

E.g. Kamari is unique and unlike any other beach you have seen. It is long and distinctive for its sand, which is black and volcanic. An enormous rock that rises from the sea, called Mesa Vouno makes it even more impressive. It is also quite famous, so be prepared to meet almost anyone, from jetsetters visiting Santorini to backpackers.

And don’t forget your flip-flops,  as the sand gets blisteringly hot!!

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